Test Management

An efficient test management across all test stages guarantees the highest possible software quality in the production system.

The planning, control and monitoring of all test phases and the coordination of all test activities for the various test stages are carried out by gwantec experts. The different test levels can, for example, be divided into developer test, function test, integration test, performance test and user acceptance tests.

As methodology SAP Best Practices and / or customer-specific models can be used. We adjust our approach to meet your needs and methods.

Our test management mainly consistes of the following tasks

  • Test planning
  • Creation of the test design / test strategy
  • Definition of the test cases and test risks
  • Test case execution incl. the management of deviations
  • Test case documentation / reporting and tracking
  • Test approval / acceptance

We recommend to define quality gates before and after every test stage. These quality gates form important checkpoints, at which previously defined start criteria or end criteria of each test stage are subject to a target/actual performance comparison.

SAP Test Management Bsp

The SAP Solution Manager or the HP ALM (Application Life Cycle Management) are common applications, which fully support the test management.

For example, the Test Suite of the SAP Solution Manager can be used for manual test cases as well as for automated testing using the SAP TAO (Test Automation Framework). In addition, the integration into SAP CHaRM (Change and Release Management) and the SAP Quality Center by HP is ensured.