SAP BW/4 HANA the next generation business warehouse

SAP HANA is an IN-memory database/platform which transfers the data for analysis and for various processings from the hard disk to the working memory. The concept of processing data in memory as such is not new. With the SAP HANA platform, SAP offers a combination of new hardware and software technologies to speed up data collections and processings.

SAP BW/4 HANA is a new SAP software product, a new code line that is not based on the Netweaver technology. The solution is based on the HANA/In Memory technology and the ABAP Server, which in combination leads to a clear acceleration of data queries and processings. Moreover, for example, the data flows and data structures have been significantly simplified, modern user interfaces are provided, e.g. with the SAP Business Object Design Studio, Live Analysis or SAP Lumira. In BW/4HANA, there are only 4 modeling objects - CompositeProviders, OpenODSViews, DataStore Objects and InfoObjects and a new DataFlow Modeling Tools as a central entry point for modeling all data flows and objects.

The are different ways towards BW/4HANA. Do you want to make a gentle leap to the HANA technology in the first step? Reuse your existing processes and adapt them successively to HANA? Or do you want to switch directly to BW/4 HANA?BW4HANA

For a decade, gwantec has been supporting customers in the full development and implementation of BW solutions. Through our considerable experience in SAP development and knowledge in the financial services sector, we are the perfect partner for your future SAP BW projects and HANA projects.

Every system change also means a change in the IT landscape, whereby the change to HANA also entails organizational changes. To date, companies have been investing up to 70% in data provisioning. Only a third of the time is used to analyze data and generate value for the company. With HANA, the distribution of resources and the development cycle will significantly shift or accelerate.