SAP Bank Analyzer AFI (Accounting for Financial Instruments)

The SAP Bank Analyzer application AFI - Accounting for Financial Instruments - offers a complete preparation of a subledger including valuation and posting logic of financial instruments based on single financial transactions. SAP AFI is designed to enable parallel processing of different accounting standards (Multi-GAAP). Thus it is possible to produce balance sheets according to HGB (german GAAP) or IFRS, income statements and financial disclosures according to IFRS 7 (type of financial instruments and corresponding risks).

Furthermore SAP AFI provides all functionality to adopt the IFRS 9 accounting standard, particularly by using the fully integrated SAP Impairment Management Solution. The application of Management Accounting and Hedge Accounting are other useful features.

Smart AFI

The results of the subledger accounting are provided to SAP FI or SAP NewGL via standard interfaces. Using an SAP Business Warehouse the data provides the basis for an bank wide risk and finance reporting

The appliance of SAP HANA data bases allows exceptional performance of the finance system architecture.

gwantec supports your business by designing and implementation of your SAP AFI solution.

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